Archives for February 19, 2011

Lost Boys

I believe that many of the sons who are growing up in this generation will one day grow up to be “lost boys” if fathers don’t teach them how to become men.  I rarely meet fathers who don’t know how to provide for the material needs of their families or how to have fun with their sons, but I have encountered many fathers who do not know how to mentor or disciple their sons. So many boys live in homes where fathers are spiritually absent.

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Don’t Make Bible a Subject

I’ve always resisted buying a Bible curriculum for my kids because I want them to develop the habit of reading the Bible as a way of life. Elijah started reading his Children’s Bible when he was five and then graduated to an NIV Adventure Bible for Christmas 2010. He read his 300+ page Children’s Bible many times over and then asked for “a real Bible.” I was thrilled! Continue reading “Don’t Make Bible a Subject” »