What is Teach with Joy?

I love homeschooling and I want parents to enjoy homeschooling!  “Enjoy homeschooling.” Is that an oxymoron? Can you actually enjoy being with your kids 24/7 and not lose your mind? I believe with God’s help, you and I can. Okay, 24/7 is an exaggeration. I get my breaks, too. 🙂

My experience with homeschooling is somewhat 360 degrees in nature. Once-upon-a-time I was homeschooled by my parents (back in the 80s). In my mid-twenties, I ran a homeschool program that was accredited with the Philippine Department of Education (NCR). And at present, my husband, Edric, and I are homeschooling our children, Elijah (8), Edan (5), Titus (3), and Tiana (16 months).

Although it is not always easy, it is certainly worthwhile. What I value most about this commitment is being with my kids, having quality time together every day, and knowing that they are learning what is really important.

Over the years, I have had the privilege of dialoguing with other parents about their own experiences as homeschoolers. I also get asked all kinds of questions about homeschooling by parents who are interested in the idea of it. One thing I’ve come to realize is that few people feel they can successfully teach their children. But at the same time, they like the ideals and benefits of homeschooling – the quality time together, the ability to choose the curriculum, the positive socialization, the “savings”, and the values they can pass on. There is also growing interest in homeschooling because many parents feel that traditional schools are getting too large, too “one-size-fits-all”, and too dangerous (morally speaking) for their kids.  Homeschooling may very well become the next revolution in education for the Philippines. And, while there are many sites about homeschooling in the U.S., I do feel that we need more how-to’s and information about homeschooling in the local context.

My purpose (by God’s grace) is to make this site a source of encouragement and practical help for parents who are considering homeschooling or are homeschooling. In other words…how to teach with joy (double meaning intended). While I have seen homeschooling from many angles, this site will probably be more helpful to parents with young children. This is the lifestage I am in now, but I also believe this is the best time to start homeschooling. I’m sure the site will evolve as my kids mature. I will reference the Bible when necessary because I am a believer in Jesus Christ and I believe that good homeschooling is a by-product of biblical parenting. And, I will refer to stories of other families, my own day to day adventures, and the experiences my siblings and I had when we were homeschooled.

I hope this site can come to mean something to you. Learn from my failures and triumphs and get ideas on how you can enjoy homeschooling your kids. If you aren’t into homeschooling, then see how you can be intentional about the activities and experiences you have with your child. Enjoy!

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What is Teach with Joy?