Archives for February 28, 2011

17 Days

So often we take for granted the children that God has given us. My heart really broke when I received a text from a friend who said that one of her twins died. She gave birth prematurely 17 days before. Her twin boys were only six months and had been battling severe complications after they were born.

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Hydro-therapy for the Family

Last Friday, we took Elijah, Edan, and Titus to Ace Water Spa in Quezon City (Delmonte Avenue). For adults it costs P550 and for children below 4 ft. it is P250. There are stations for each type of hydro-massage. Jets of water target different parts of the body. They also have different herbal heated pools and an ice cold pool to jump in and out of. Personally, the heated pools are one of my favourite parts about the spa. They are going to be opening a new Ace Water Spa in Pasig, Pioneer area. I’m looking forward to visiting that one.

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