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When you can’t do a lot of traveling and going out because of the pandemic, then you turn your attention towards the home, to make it a space that is both livable and lovable! That’s what happened to me during the quarantine. Being at home everyday made me hyper aware of all the areas that needed to be improved and updated.

Since my kids span the ages of 17 down to 1 year old, I always decorate the home with their needs in mind. I have to marry these with what Edric and I find attractive and beautiful. This means clean lines, modern, practical, inviting, and kid-proof.

While stuck at home together, I want the kids to feel like they have many spaces to enjoy and congregate in even if they can’t go out like they used to. At the same time, I don’t allow them to convert the whole house into their domain with toys and things randomly occupying the different rooms of our home. They need to honor what the spaces are intended for, and help to keep them organized.

Aside from decorating with my kids in mind, I also make sure that whatever furniture I get is approved by Edric. Aesthetics matter a lot to him. Thankfully, we have similar preferences, and tend to agree more than disagree on what we find attractive or beautiful in art and decor. This makes it easier, as well as fun, to shop for furniture together. I do the initial short-listing. Then I present the options to Edric and he gives his preference the thumbs up.

During the quarantine, both of us agreed that we needed two good armchairs, a console for the entrance, as well as an extra side table for our family room area. I found out about Taylor Living some time ago, pre-pandemic, and checked out their showroom and store in Ortigas with Edric and the kids.

Everyone explored the pieces, sat in the chairs, commented about sofas, carpets, and other items they gravitated to. Then the pandemic hit and we were all in lockdown mode. So I referred to Taylor Living’s curated catalogue to finalize my choices.

Although it was just three kinds of furniture, the hardest part was narrowing the choices down from so many items that I liked. Taylor Living’s style is exactly what Edric and I appreciate. Since I got to see their furniture up close at their store, I knew their pieces were well-crafted using premium materials and very contemporary to match the feel of our modern home.

I ended up with these choices, which I am so happy about! Edric and the kids were excited about them, too!

Since the pandemic turned my attentiveness towards the home, I began to think more intentionally about what I would like each space in it to mean and to be for us. How to create a truly “tailored home.”

What is furniture, at the end of the day, beyond its usability and appearance? For me, pieces eventually hold memory and get written into our history. As our children grow up, as we grow older, to look upon furniture is to remember the moments we sat there holding our kids, shared a conversation with our children, laughed together, played games, or even wrestled with the hurts and disappointments that came with certain seasons.

Here we are, enjoying and making the most of the new additions to our home, and we are looking forward to many more occasions to bond together…

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