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Good Reads for Homeschooling and Parenting

I was cleaning out my shelves when I realized, hey! I have quite a number of books I’ve read on homeschooling and parenting that may benefit others. And since parents often ask me what they should read or what resources can help them get started, I hope this answers that question. This is a growing list so I will just add as I finish a book.

Some of these books I skimmed through and others I really devoured. But they have all been such wonderful sources of information, inspiration, confidence and conviction-building for homeschooling moms like me. You don’t have to read everything on this list to start homeschooling. I know it probably looks a bit overwhelming and there is so much more out there that I have not included here. But if you click on the links, you may get a better idea of what appeals to you. Amazon always gives a pretty thorough description and has objective reviews on their books.

Recommendations (in no particular order):





Green Farming

We took a day trip to a farm for our homeschooling today. The kids learned about “green farming” from an agriculturalist who explained how to plant seedlings, do hydrophonics, vermiculture and the like.

It was fascinating for the kids and for me! I learned alot about organic ways to plant and farm. Hydroponics is a method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions, in water, without soil. Vermiculture is a way of composting using earthworms to speed up the process.

Lord willing, when we move to a house, we can have a little garden — Edric’s fantasy. For the time being, this knowledge went to the kids’ science files. What better way to learn about innovative farming methods than to experience it for yourself? The kids (well, the boys) liked the worms part the best. Of course they did. Yehey for learning experiences that are not confined to four walls of a classroom!