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When a Husband Appreciates His Wife’s Simplicity

One of the men in our couples’ bible study group asked us to organize a surprise birthday party for his wife in lieu of getting her something expensive. For the first time, she didn’t ask for a luxury item or pricey gift to celebrate her birthday. In fact, she didn’t ask for anything at all which left him scrambling to conceptualize a special plan to execute for her. As a loving husband who actually enjoys spoiling her, he was almost taken aback by this change in her appetite for material things. But he appreciated her desire to be simple and less extravagant. 

Even though they are materially blessed, their relationship with the Lord has reordered their priorities. What’s most important to them today is following God wholeheartedly and raising their kids to do the same. Amazingly, these are the pursuits they derive greater joy from. 

The ladies in the group and I had a day and a half to put together this surprise since the request was very last minute. Yet everyone was excited to do it. Two of us went to Dangwa to source out the greenery we needed for the theme on the day of the event. Thankfully, a caterer also confirmed their availability. We pooled together items in our homes for the decor and recruited family members to participate in the preparations. One of the ladies in our group is a fantastic cake maker so she whipped up a beautiful creation. Another one tapped into her inner creativity to design a special bouquet for the husband to give his wife. Many of us spent a good four hours at the venue (volunteered by a couple in the group) to arrange all the details. By 7:30 PM, the place looked the part we envisioned it to. It was God’s grace and a labor of love.