Archives for February 4, 2011

Goals or Love? Love!

Today’s homeschooling was a little bit tough earlier this morning. I had recently created a chart for the kids which had their goals for each day on it. For every goal that they accomplished, they got to check off the little box in front. At the end of the week, if they accomplished their goals, they would get a prize.

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Take It Outdoors!

Edan draws a cityscape

Elijah finishes his imaginary city

Titus is one cool dude in the city

I brought the kids outdoors for some Charlotte Mason-style homeschooling. The boys copied the buildings they saw. We hunted for taproot and fibrous root systems. I read a couple of stories to them and discussed science.  Elijah drew a diagram of a branch and labeled parts like terminal bud, terminal bud scar, and some other words I actually can’t remember. In between, the three of them threw a miniature football around to expend their energy. Of course we had snacks, too!

Edan's finished work

Don’t confine your idea of homeschooling to a “classroom” set-up. There are so many ways to make learning fun for your kids. You can take learning outdoors and you will find that you enjoy it as a teacher, too! There is something about being outdoors with all the open space that makes you come alive!

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