Take It Outdoors!

Edan draws a cityscape
Elijah finishes his imaginary city
Titus is one cool dude in the city

I brought the kids outdoors for some Charlotte Mason-style homeschooling. The boys copied the buildings they saw. We hunted for taproot and fibrous root systems. I read a couple of stories to them and discussed science.  Elijah drew a diagram of a branch and labeled parts like terminal bud, terminal bud scar, and some other words I actually can’t remember. In between, the three of them threw a miniature football around to expend their energy. Of course we had snacks, too!

Edan's finished work

Don’t confine your idea of homeschooling to a “classroom” set-up. There are so many ways to make learning fun for your kids. You can take learning outdoors and you will find that you enjoy it as a teacher, too! There is something about being outdoors with all the open space that makes you come alive!

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