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Essential Pre-Writing Skills

I’ve created a separate entry for this list so that you can get ideas each time I add a new video / photo of homeschooling my toddler, Titus, or come across a site that I have researched.

Checklist for your toddler:

  • Hand Muscle Strength (Ex. Being able to hold, squeeze, pinch, pull, push, press, etc.)
  • Hand Dexterity and Hand-eye Coordination – Use hands to build and make things, manipulate objects like puzzles and toys, lace beads, tear paper, handle tools like measuring cups, spoon and fork, paint brushes, roll and pass a ball, etc.
  • Drawing, Scribbling, Coloring, Tracing, Copying
  • Hold a Pencil Properly

Ideas for you (videos):

Helpful Resources:

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