Flashlights and bugs

Who would have thought that going for a walk at night with flashlights could turn out to be a Science adventure?! We gave each of the boys flashlights tonight and asked them to hunt for bugs in a field that was near our house. I wasn’t sure they would actually find anything but they started yelling out things like, “I found a cricket!” “I found a ladybug!” All they were doing was shining their flashlights on the grass so Edric and I weren’t really sure if they had actually found anything. But when we peered over their shoulders, it was true! By the end of the night, we also ended up seeing a grasshopper, leaf jumpers, a moth, several butterflies (sleeping), ants, a cockroach, and a frog. It was a little far out when Edan said he found a baby rabbit in the dirt. That one was definitely not true. Elijah was thrilled when he found burs because we had read about them in his Botany book.

The wonderful thing is they were more than ready for bed by the time we had walked home and their emotional tanks were full.  Evenings like this are a good reminder that we can find simple ways to spend time together without needing any media…just a couple of batteries, flashlights, and time.

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