Homeschooling Video Demos (Part 3 to 5)

Homeschooling Young Children Part 3 shows me giving more attention to Elijah while Edan is assigned his Science. After a while, Edan wants me to help him color in his book so I do that. When he finishes, he decides it is time for a break by going over to play with Titus. I keep working with Elijah to supervise him. With Elijah, I don’t need to be so hands on, but I still need to check on his work and be available if he needs me. He is getting to be more independent so I don’t have to be hands-on all the time.

In Homeschooling Young Children Part 4 I ask Edan to read aloud without me and I concentrate on helping Elijah finish his work. I demonstrate how I ask Elijah questions to see if he knows the material he is studying. Sometimes Elijah prefers to answer orally.

Personally, I feel that it is good to allow children to express themselves verbally instead of writing down answers all the time.  Homeschooling gives me the opportunity to interact with my kids to find out if they are learning. This is an advantage that homeschooling allows. In a classroom, a teacher has to rely on written work most of the time because she cannot possibly connect with each student every single day in the same way that a mom can dialogue with their child while homeschooling.

After I have given time and attention to Elijah and Edan, I proceed to work with Titus with a manipulative material for shapes and fractions. Homeschooling Young Children Part 5

Since Titus is just 2 years old, my learning goals for him are much simpler. I want him to enjoy the homeschooling environment, music, art, and reading time; I want him to feel like he is included; I want him to learn more about God through Bible stories; I want to teach him character;  I want to reinforce his understanding of shapes, numbers, colors, pre-math concepts like bigger, smaller, longer, etc., develop his motor skills by using some Montessori-style activities, and introduce him to phonetics. He also learns a lot from observing, interacting with, and copying his older brothers.


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  1. hi joy, i was looking at your video and i was wondering if in TMA do you have a book/toy swapping amongst the homeschoolers?

    1. Hi Jenny! I believe there was bookswapping during the homeschool conference. There will be another homeschool conference this year, around October or November.

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