Sarangani Educational Tour Day 5

Day 5

It was our last day and we made the most of our morning by visiting the B’laan tribe and going to see the capitol, where Steve (the Vice Governor) held office and presided over the meetings with the board members.

The boys got to dance with the B’laan tribe and try out their unique instruments. We also got to sit inside a replica of a Datu’s house and visit the women who were weaving their traditional garbs. To support their industry, we bought beaded necklaces to bring back home to Manila.

On the way back to General Santos, the boys got to taste Chocolate flavored goat’s milk and we also made a stop at the Vice Governor’s office, where Elijah and Edan got to see the council meeting room where he presides.


The kids learned so much and had an amazing time during this trip. At one point, Elijah even said, “Can we live in Sarangani?”

Trips like these are a homeschooler’s version of hands-on learning for Science and Civics. For example, it is one thing to read about the indigenous people groups of the Philippines and another to actually see them.  I also think we covered other subjects over the last couple of days, and all without books!

I asked Elijah to come up with a report while we were flying back on the airplane so that was our language arts. (He dictated to me and I took notes, which we will input into the computer with photos.)  For character, the boys learned how to communicate and conduct themselves in public, learning to differentiate between appropriate and inappropriate behavior.

Well, we are now back in Manila – back to the hustle and bustle of city life, but Sarangani will always have a special place in our hearts and so will the people we spent those five days with. Thank you Steve, Michelle, and Pria, and thank you God for your protection! It was truly a blessed time!

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