Ordered Chaos

The boys and I spent the whole morning doing art. I felt like we were cleaning up a good part of the time, too! Between Elijah, Edan, and Titus, there was a lot of mess made and a lot of mess to pick up after!

Art time felt like a whole lot of chaos today…paper everywhere, spilled paint, sticky glue on fingers, dirty shirts, hands and feet, and noise-making courtesy of Titus. Come to think of it, Titus made about 80% of the mess, too.  What kept me going and stopped me from losing my mind were comments like, “Mom, this is so fun. This is a great day! I love art day!”

I can’t think very well when my surroundings are messy. It elevates my stress levels, but when I see the kids enjoying themselves, interacting, and creating beautiful things, it keeps me hopeful through the process.

In the end, the Elijah and Edan finished their pieces and we all cleaned up together.


"Symbols of A Nation"

Elijah created a collage called “Symbols of a Nation” and it has all the different national symbols of the Philippines on it. His idea was to make them all represent the shape of a boat. I was his assistant and Edan helped a little bit.

Elijah and Edan holding up "Symbols of a Nation"

Edan wanted to put together a collage of words cut out from magazines. I made him read them before he stuck them on.


"Words I Can Read" by Edan



I wasn’t able to take a photo of it, but Titus stuck bamboo sticks through the holes of one our chairs so they were jutting out in every direction like a modern art sculpture. He also left a trail of cut paper on the carpet. That’s my Titus! 😉

All 4 of my kids made hand prints and wrote down their names and ages. (I helped Titus and Tiana.)

Job well done, kids!

3 thoughts on “Ordered Chaos

  1. Love this JOY. I hear Ya!!! I used to feel having M as my middle name. M for Mess.. or that I had a 5th kid called MESS. It went with us wherever! Good Job !!!! Embrace the mess and join hands to clean . I usually have a surface cleaner in homeschool area, 4-5 sponges and some rags. The kids love sponges with soap. Cleaning then became fun and part and parcel of every Art activity. 🙂
    And yes….. when asked what are your favorite subjects, ART is always on top of that list because days like these in your blogspot . Caling Joy,

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