Family Game Night – 7 Wonders

One of our favorite things to do as a family is play board games–not the snakes and ladders kind, but strategy games. Tonight we played a game called 7 Wonders. It gets you to employ critical thinking, logic, planning skills, and mathematics. Of course it also teaches the boys to take turns and play fair. The boys thoroughly enjoy the interaction and so do we.

To win you need to acquire victory points by buying resource cards like stone, ore, wood, clay, glass, looms, or papyrus in order to build military, monuments, and science cards, as well as collect guild cards. Each player begins with a wonder that has special features on it for every age of the game. There are three ages to play per game and the options for each turn are endless. You have to keep alert and come up with your own combinations to outsmart your opponents. It takes about thirty to forty minutes to finish one game.

We played tonight and I did not win a single game but I was happy to bond with everyone. 🙂







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