Opportunities to Shine

A couple weeks ago Elijah and Edan participated in the Homeschool Association of the Philippines (Hapi) Homeschool Fair at Valle Verde 5. Homeschool kids displayed their art projects or science projects, and performed music and dance numbers.

It was a good experience for my boys. They got to explain their projects to people who stopped by our booth. And they also worked hard the night before to finish their displays.

Elijah made origami pieces (since origami is his specialty). He also demonstrated and taught origami to other kids. Edan made oil pastel drawings and gave out origami hearts which he made on the spot.

The day turned out to be a wonderful time of fellowship with other families. It gave all the kids who participated an opportunity to shine and use their talents to bless others and glorify God. I also felt proud of my kids because they finished well — the three of us were up till late the night before but the boys did not complain. They wanted to do their best and they gave it their best. Elijah produced almost thirty origami pieces–technical ones, too! And Edan made ten oil pastel drawings with much enthusiasm!








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