Someday, I Want to Be An Architect

At the age of four, our eldest son, Elijah, expressed that he wanted to be an architect. Since then we have encouraged the pursuit this dream by being intentional about the activities he invests his time doing. I downloaded an app that features all the architectural masterpieces of the world, which also helps his geography. He plays with a program called Google Sketchup which can be downloaded for free onto a computer, and he designs buildings and structures. We have also bought him different kinds of blocks that allow him to invent and create from his imagination. When he became interested in Origami, we bought him books, paper, and directed him to safe online sites where he learned all the names of the folds and terminologies, and where he developed his skill. He has also taught other children and even adults.

Elijah spends most of his days becoming the architect he envisions himself in the future by spending time building, creating, learning, and doing what he enjoys. He is blessed to have this time because he is a homeschooled kid. Getting to pursue his passion keeps him motivated to excel in his subject studies and it keeps him from getting bored, too! It certainly makes my work easier as a homeschool mom!

The added bonus has been that Elijah has influenced his younger brothers to get into building and designing, too. They play together and make pretend worlds or places while learning to cooperate and share. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Someday, I Want to Be An Architect

  1. Joy, you are such an inspiration not only to mothers but also to mothers-to-be or mothers-in-waiting! I am learning so much from your blogs should they come handy in the future. I’m scared of the challenges of becoming a homeschool mom but I wouldn’t want it any other way, neither would Gerald. I am sure with TMA, you and Edric who are always just a holler away, we’ll do fine.

    When our time finally comes, I pray that we’ll do homeschooling justice!

    P.S. I’ve been quietly following your writings and sending the link to my friends. A lot of people are crying out for help with their kids and are being helped. May the Good Lord continue to bless you and your family!

  2. Me too!!! I truly enjoy reading your blog. Not only is it enlightening, it’s informative too. And I don’t even have a kid! 🙂

  3. Meeeee three! I enjoy reading your blog =)
    This is so nice joy =) Sean is into building stuff too. He also said one time that he wants to be an engineer or architect. I got this toy in toys are us (rockwell) that encourages kids to build. It’s not really a toy – it’s make believe wood and screws all made of plastic/foam. You can saw, hammer the make believe wood together =) it’s not expensive. One pack of pretend-wood and a bunch of tools cost me only almost 500pesos. There’s also a manual of stuff they can build. I forgot what its called. Sean threw away the box already. But I think they only have one like that in toys are us. Elijah might want that for his birthday. It’s very exciting to build actually. Sean enjoys is very much =)

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