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We dropped by Hobbes and Landes this afternoon and the kids picked out a 3-D puzzle set of famous architectural structures. They spent several hours finishing each one of the puzzles and really enjoyed themselves.

Ever since our eldest son, Elijah, said he wanted to be an architect we have tried to be intentional about the toys we buy. And so I was really thrilled when I saw this one at Hobbes and Landes. I did not expect the boys to finish putting all of the structures together today, but they did!

At least there are several boxes of these 3-D puzzle sets being sold at Hobbes and Landes. I might have to go back and get another one soon! For a little over P400 pesos I thought it was a good alternative to TV or computer games. 🙂

4 thoughts on “What Children Do When They Don’t Watch TV

  1. this is great joy! i saw these toys in buildcity in shang too. i also dont have tv(cable channels) at home so my kids can become more creative. i just buy them video cds of movies we want them to see. there’s too much garbage in tv. kids do not know how to select pa rin kase, and they might just watch what yaya watches. so we had to make that sacrifice. we dont regret it a bit.

  2. Hi Joy! How old is Elijah when he started to be interested in puzzles? My sister was i think about 7 when she finished her first ever puzzle at 700 pcs! And never stopped since. Just a few yrs ago she was the first in Asia to finish the world’s largest puzzle called LIFE at 24,000pcs! Just thought if your kids are so interested in puzzles, they might want to have a field trip and visit my sister to see the puzzle. It could be educational for them and maybe challenge them to aim for bigger structures or more pcs! Im sure my sister won’t mind at all. She lives in binondo so it might also be a cultural trip for you and kids!

    Anyway, here’s a link to see what the puzzle looks like and how my sis did it.


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