Black and Red Flash Cards for Your Baby

I drew black and white animals and made flashcards for my daughter, Tiana, to teach her phonetic sounds. You can use these for your baby. Babies like high contrast images! Click on the links below:

Letters A to F

Letters G to L

Letters M to R

Letters S to X

Letters Y to Z and Numbers 1 to 4

Numbers 6 to 10


Animal Alphabet

A – Alligator

B – Butterfly

C – Cat

D – Dog

E – Elephant

F – Fish

G – Goat

H – Horse

I – Inchworm

J – Jellyfish

K – Koala

L – Lamb

M – Mouse

N – Newt

O – Octopus

P – Pig

Q – Quail

R – Rabbit

S – Snake

T – Turtle

U – Umbrella Bird

V – Velociraptor

W – Whale

X – Fox (X is usually a letter that appears at the end of a word.

The sound of X should be taught as such.)

Y – Yak

Z – Zebra

12 thoughts on “Black and Red Flash Cards for Your Baby

  1. Thank you so much Joy for these flashcards! I am excited to print and use them…another homeschooler’s about to come out this month!

  2. Excited for you, Karen! I fixed some of the pictures. They had gray lines on them. These should be okay now 🙂

  3. Cool… Love ur drawings Joy:) seriously cute… Im so poor in drawing…
    Thanks. Now i just need to print!

    1. hey! how are you? I was just thinking about you today and wondering when we can get together. Hope to see you soon!

  4. thank you ms. joy for this flash cards… i’ll use this for our 5 month old baby audrey, a very informative site.

  5. Thanks for sharing this Joy! I just started reading your blog last month and im learning a lot. Btw, my baby is turning 1yr.old next week.

  6. Hi Ms. Joy. Thank you for sharing this. May i ask for your recommendation on a good book on how to discipline a toddler. I have a 16 months old son. Thank you and God bless you more.

  7. Good day Joy!
    It’s my first time to open your site.
    I have downloaded the articles for age 0 to 3
    and it’s a great help for me with my 10 months old baby boy.
    Thank you.
    God bless you and your family!

  8. Hi joy,
    I have read a couple of article of yours just a few days ago. Thank you for sharing you and your family’s life to the public.
    Regarding the black and white animals and letters for 0-3… this applicable for infants (1y/o and below) only or is it still useful for
    1-3y/o? I have been showing my 1 year and 4 month old Hannah colored photos of animals since 7 months old. Is it still appropriate to use the black and white photos if she has been started on colored animal photos already?

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