The Most Expensive Education in the World

Homeschooling, believe it or not, is the most costly education you can give your children. Why? Because you give yourself — your time, energy, effort, life — an investment that can’t be quantified.

I figured that if I continue homeschooling my kids through high school, I will be teaching for over twenty years! I have already been a homeschool mom for 8 years + 17 more years before Tiana finishes high school (if I don’t have another child) and that will bring the grand total to 25 years. Wow! What a distance to travel! I can’t imagine that far off. How old will I be? I don’t even want to calculate!

The point is that I have chosen to commit to homeschooling, for better or for worse, til God says, do I stop. What’s the cost to me? My youth (what’s left of it). My liberties. My personal ambitions and desires. My comfort. My space. My contribution to family income. And the list goes on…

But when I think about these things, I have no regrets. My second son came up to me a few days ago and said, “Mom, I love you and daddy so much but I love Jesus more.” Praise God!, I thought to myself.

If the sacrifices we all make can lead our children to know, love, obey, serve, and worship God, then we lose nothing and gain everything. What may seem like the most expensive education is but a long term investment with the promise of eternal dividends. Homeschooling does not have a price tag but it is of infinite worth to those who understand what is worthy.

What is the worth of a child’s heart? Will you give your life for your child’s? Jesus did.

If Jesus could love my children (and me) so extravagantly, then what is 25 years of my life for the hearts of my kids?





7 thoughts on “The Most Expensive Education in the World

  1. you have echoed my exact sentiments… i only have 2 children and we have started homeschooling just 2 years ago but so far, they have been growing so much and i too know that i am doing this all for His glory. the sacrifices are just temporal anyway… in the end, what really matters is how we raised the kids and if we obeyed His call on our lives.

  2. Hi my son told me the same thing once and I was like, “by George I think he’s got it”. When it all boils down to it that is all that matters. BTW, I am a friend of Christine’s in Illinois. I look forward to reading some of your other posts. Many blessings!

  3. Thanks for this post, Joy! 🙂 Tim has been saying the same thing lately – it’s either he loves me, his Dad or sister a lot (or sometimes, one of us, the most, usually his little sister! LOL!), then he says, “But I love God more!” Times like that, I thank the LORD for where He has brought us now. 🙂 Thanks for the great reminder! God bless!

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