K to 12 Basic Education System


This is what basic education is going to look like for Filipinos. Instead of calling Grades 6,7,8 Junior High, the Philippines will have Grades 7,8,9,10 as Junior High and Grades 11 and 12 as Senior High School.

Kindergarten is a mandatory requirement for children entering Grade 1 this year.

For homeschoolers enrolled with an umbrella program or accredited organization, the transition to the new system will be managed by the program or organization they are connected with, Independent homeschoolers who are not enrolled with an accredited organization, will still have to take validation or placement tests with the Department of Education if they plan to transfer their students to an accredited school or homeschool.

As an independent homeschooler, how do I know if my child needs the PVT or PEPT?

If you keep records of your child’s schooling and follow the prescribed grade levels of DepEd, you can ask for a PVT. PVTs are give to students who are NOT connected with DepEd accredited institutions. “PVTs are intended to validate learnings acquired by those who enrolled in elementary/secondary schools without permit; those who dropped out of school by force of circumstances before the school year ends; and those who studied in non-graded school.” (Source:NETRC)

For example, if your child is entering Grade 5 and has “home made” report cards and portfolios to prove that he finished his previous levels, you can request for a PVT to validate his previous levels. This PVT will then serve as an official report card to enter accredited schools or homeschools.

How do you get a PVT?


1. Prepare documents for submission to DepEd-NCR (Behind SM North Edsa)

• A letter of request for a validation test or placement test signed by requesting parent.

• A photocopy of birth certificate (better if NSO certified copy, bring along original just in case)

• A photocopy of previous report cards (bring along original just in case)

• Bring several back-up photocopies just in case

• Addressed to Regional Director

Contact info:

Mr. Rizalino Jose T. Rosales
Office of the Director, NCR
928-0104; 921-4274
453-8374 fax

2. Submit documents to Record Division for stamping and sign acknowledgement book

• Docs in item 1

• DepEd-NCR, Window personnel, Record Division

3. Submit stamped documents to corresponding division: elementary or high school, then wait for endorsement letter from Director Domalanta (for testing validation)

• Docs in item 2

• DepEd-NCR, official rep, Elementary or High School Division office

4. Prepare documents for submission to DepEd’s NETRC (located in former ULTRA)

• A certification letter addressed to Mrs. Domfelia Pagatpatan, Senior Education Program Specialist, NETRC, prepared by parent-teacher that contains:

• materials used in each grade level

• number of years child was homeschooled and the respective grade levels

• Evidences of homeschool activity of previous year/s, well-filed and aesthetically acceptable (the more the better):

• Workbooks used

• Quizzes, long tests, quarterly tests done

• Report cards

• Art works

• Other material to show that substantial work was done

5. Submit documents to Mrs. Domfelia Pagatpatan and await comments/feedback for final testing date (note: date may not be given on same day as submission; must be parent-teacher who submits)

• Docs in item 3 and 4

DepEd NETRC – 2/F Mabini Bldg., Meralco Ave., Corner St. Paul Road, Pasig City

Test Administration Division
Presently, this position is vacant
Chief, Test Administration Division

Test Development Division
Aurora F. Fernandez
Chief, Test Development Division


Subjects of validation tests are Science, English, Math, Filipino, and Araling Panlipunan (for Grade 1 & 2, no Science)
Filipino and Araling Panlipunan are given in Filipino (Tagalog), all else are in English
To pass validation level, child cannot fail 2 or more subjects; passing mark is 75%
Cost of PVT is P100 per level per child
Results of PVT are given about 1 month after, depending on discretion of DepEd NETRC (so pls ask to clarify)

Special thanks to Cathy Borja for organizing this list on her blog. 🙂

Most independent homeschoolers will take the PVT, but in some cases where parents have not tracked their child’s levels, have no evidence of work done, and have no idea what grade level he should be in, they may opt for the PEPT. The PEPT places students in the formal school system, accrediting and validating knowledge and skills acquired over the years. The requirements for the PEPT are: birth certificate, two 1 x 1 photos, and transcript of record of the LAST grade/year level passed.

30 thoughts on “K to 12 Basic Education System

  1. Hello, Ms. Joy. Thank you for maintaining this very helpful and insightful blog.
    Dr. Elena R. Ruiz is no longer the DepEd NCR’s Director. She has been promoted as an Asst. Secretary for Programs and Projects in the Central Office of DepEd. It’s now MR. RIZALINO JOSE T. ROSALES who is the Officer-in-Charge, Office of the Director, National Capital Region.
    Have a blessed day, and keep on blogging!

  2. if someone graduated from highschool last march, is he/she required to get the senior year right ahead? or they can go to college already?

  3. thank you joy. what a relief. umak said that they need to go to senior highschool. which i think is a mistake because there did not take the 1st year highschool curriculum for the k12.

    1. Hi glen, only first year high school students enrolled for 2012 to 2013 will be affected by this new system. Existing second, third, and fourth year students will still follow the old system.

    1. Hi Maila! My kids are enrolled with TMA homeschool so they get report cards for their levels. If you need an official report card, it’s best to enroll your child with an accredited program like cfa, victory, or Tma. 🙂

    1. Hi Evitha! I don’t have DepEd issued report cards. These come from accredited schools and programs. My site is a mom’s blog:)

  4. Thanks for this post. I was able to do this for my daughter who is now in high school. How about for the kinder level, do they have a PVT for that too? I plan to enroll my son in 1st grade next year, but schools require a form 137.

  5. Hi! This post really helps a lot.
    I wonder though if you know of anyone who unschools their children here in the Philippines? My daughter is still 1 year old but we hope to unschool her. I’m just worried about transitioning to regular school or college, eventually. Might the lack of documentation lead to problems? Or will PEPT/PVT results be enough to show to the school?
    I really need advice on this one.

  6. This is really helpful. I have a 17-month-old baby whom I want to independently homeschool. Paano kaya magsstart and yung documentation niya? Naguguluhan kasi ako kung ano need niya PEPT or PVT. Para lang magkarecord siya ng Grades na naipapasa niya. We hope na mahomeschool namin siya until high school. Paano po kaya yun?

    1. Hi Jamie! You might want to connect with Homeschoolers in the Philippines on Facebook. They have many independent homeschoolers in that group where you can receive support and ask your detailed questions:)

  7. Is Filipino subject necessary for Foreign students who want to be homeschooled in the Philippine and enroll college in the Philippine?

    1. No it’s not. But it depends on the homeschool provider you are connected with. For example, TMA Homeschool has US accreditation for those who are foreign students. But it’s a case to case basis. And parents should still check with their future college of choice to see what level of filipino will be required of them…just to be sure.

  8. if a grade 10 student, currently under the K-12 Program, decides to go directly to college, can he/she take the PEPT to skip grades 11 and 12?

  9. Hi! My daughter will be finish Grade 6 come March 2016. Her report card still says Basic Education Curriculum (BEC). Is she covered by the K to 12 system or is she only required to finish 4 years in high school then can enroll straight to college? Appreciate your response. TIA!

  10. My nephew is enrolled now in grade 1 and have his kinder2 in a barangay day care center.did he must take a pvt.whay if he fail in the pvt. Did he must returned to kinder again for the LRN
    It annoyed us parents the existence of PVT especially the 200 pesos payment for the exam.It shouln’t be implement this year .

  11. Hi Ms Joy

    I have 2 kids and they are now in Gr 4 and in Gr 5.
    Their pvt was scheduled on July 24.
    I don’t want to take it negatively because no parents like it, what if they fail the pvt, are they automatically back to kinder then take an exam again?
    your response was badly needed to prepare us in any circumstances.
    And one thing else, what is the percentage of those who fail the exams? Any idea please?

  12. Hi Ms. Joy,
    Thanks for this very helpful info. However, do you have any information for the PEPT/PVT processing for us that are outside NCR? I am from Mindanao, and currently independently homeschooling my children. Would be very grateful for any info. Thank you!

  13. Hello good day. I have a two kids and would like to ask what if they will not attend the PEPT schedule this year, are they still going to graduate in Grade 6 or is it possible to take the exam on the next schedule? Are they can be enrolled in Grade 7?

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