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Once in a while, I let my kids borrow my IPad and play educational games on it. There was a time when they were into Plants vs. Zombies until I realized that my second son was getting addicted to it. So I installed a couple of educational apps on my IPad to deflect his interests. One of the amazing apps that I discovered was “Stack the Countries.”

Since we don’t get to do too much geography for homeschooling. Well, it worked wonders. This morning I heard my four year old, Titus, say, “That’s Chile!,” while pointing to Chile on a globe. He and his brothers were gathered around a globe identifying countries. Some of them I didn’t even know! Apparently my second son, Edan, has also memorized most of the flags of the different countries, too. (iTunes also has a Stack the States game which I need to upgrade to full version.)

Really, these kids are smarter than I am. Like I often say, homeschooling’s biggest challenge is not the academics. My kids are learning all kinds of things, even without me. My challenge is to keep focusing on the God-ward orientation of their hearts.

And thanks to Apple’s educational apps (more of which I am looking forward to discovering), I can focus on the heart stuff and get help on the academics part.

Read a review on the Stack the Countries App here: Common Sense Media

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    1. So far, my kids have used Rocket math and Look again (for visual spatial intelligence) but I plan to review and “test” more:) will probably do an entry on this soon! You gave me an idea!:)

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