My Bite of Entitlement

Two of my kids love Cupcakes by Sonja, especially their Red Velvet flavor. The thing is, so do I. But I can’t eat a whole cupcake. I just want a little bite of it everytime I get it for the kids.

Well, today, when I bought a box of six cupcakes, I mixed in two red velvet flavors with mocha, cookies and cream, vanilla, and lemon. When my oldest son, Elijah, started eating his Red Velvet, I asked for a bite. He quipped, “Mom, you already got a bite earlier.” (This was true. I sneakily spooned a little bit for myself.) “Hey! I bought those!” I teased him. And this was his very wise response, “But Jesus provided for it.” I burst out laughing.

Oh right, how silly of me to assume that I had any claim on his cupcake just because I paid for it. What?! Did my son just out-wit me?! Well I didn’t insist on an extra 50-calorie bite of his cupcake. I gave up. I was more thrilled that he got the spiritual principle behind everything we have and own — it’s all the Lord’s. We should not have an entitlement mentality about anything…even cupcakes!

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  1. Just want to say – I love your blog, how you share the ups and downs of parenting your boys and your girl. Especially that post on buying groceries for the typhoon victims and not submitting to your husband. That gave me food for thought about our upcoming schoolyear and my husband’s decisions …. When I read your posts, I wish we could have homeschooled earlier and started character training earlier.

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