Sweet Love, Sweet Mom

When I am focused on the world — the material and physical things it conditions me to desire — I am dulled by the senselessness of empty wanting. I feel the pressure of having to prove my worth or be dependent on the praise of others. But when I take pause to examine what is worthwhile and of infinite value in this life I am reminded to fix my eyes on Jesus and to treasure the gifts of God — the unquantifiable blessings that he so generously gives to his children…a life of purpose, inexplicable joy and peace, a husband and children to love, and most of all, the invitation of God to a personal relationship.

What is more blessed than to be called beloved by the purest, most beautiful, perfect, all-powerful Creator? But to my shame, I must admit that there are mornings when I awake to worry, fear, doubt, discontent, and unfruitfulness. How can this be? But such is the nature of my fallen self. There are days when I initiate conflict with my husband, feel stressed by my kids, or find myself easily reacting to unfavorable circumstances and blocked goals. In short, there are days when I get all kinds of ugly in my innermost being and I need to come before God and repent.

And God, in his unmatchable patience and tenderness of love, beckons me to the sweetness of his grace. And no matter how undeserving I am of any measure of his attention, he takes hold of me, stink and all, and tells me that I am his child — a child he died for, a child he redeemed, a child he will always love. Then all becomes well with my soul.

How wonderful it is to be loved like this! A compelling love, a transforming love, a love that is not selfish, conditional or prideful, a love that inspires, motivates and builds up…

I want to thank my mom for being a physical and tangible example of this kind of love. She has loved me out of the sweetness of God’s love in her life. And she will always be the mom I want to be.

We love each other because he loved us first. (1 John 4:19 NLT)


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