Making Mini Books

Children need a compelling reason to write. I remember having a conversation with author of Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling, Debra Bell, and she said that a person must have an audience to write.

Well, my second son, Edan, asked me to make him a book so he could draw and write in it. I stapled bond paper together and he got to work. I had no idea what he was up to but he wrote an drew pictures for his own little book. He called it a book about The Bible and the Created World.

When he presented it to me, I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of thought an insight he put into it. He is just six but he has a heart for God. I was blessed to read what he wrote. He asked me for some spelling help, but the ideas were all his. His grammar was not perfect but it’s a good start for him. 🙂









4 thoughts on “Making Mini Books

    1. Hey Christine, Edan just started doing this. Elijah was not so interested in this kind of thing. He would do it but I had to “encourage” him to do so. Edan likes to draw and write so this is probably why it is more natural for him. 🙂 Thanks!!!

  1. Hello joy! Thanks for the downloads. I had a chance sitting in with a large group in kids church…. guess who’s there ? It was Edan. I was so impressed on how well behave he was till the end. When I asked “Are you a Mendoza?” This young man replied “Yes!” Keep it up Edan!

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