Romantic Stomach Flu

Sick as a dog but still got to homeschool from my bed this morning. It was not ideal but I couldn’t really get up without running to the bathroom. I must have picked up a stomach virus from Divisoria yesterday and it kept me in the bathroom too many times to count. Yeck. Stomach flu is so debilitating. My poor kids did not see much of me today. Had to send them to Playgroup without me, too.

But one sweet thing that came out of it all was having Edric by my side the entire afternoon. As soon as he heard I was sick, he said he would come back and take care of me. He went to work to give an orientation to parents but then came home shortly after with two bottles of Gatorade to replenish my electrolytes.

Just seeing him made me feel better. It probably sounds so corny that I feel more attracted to my husband when he is heroic, but it is true. I like being a damsel in distress who needs to be rescued by her knight in shining armor.

Don’t get me wrong…I don’t yell “help” like an annoyingly helpless person. But I do say things like, I really appreciate it when you take care of me. I really feel more secure with you around…

When I asked Edric why he likes to rescue me and take care of me, I thought he would say, “because I love you.” Instead, he said, “I will step up when I know I am needed.” Not what I was expecting but very telling. He explained further that he likes to be needed by me.

Well, I can’t generalize about all the men out there, but something tells me that a man’s desire to protect, care for those he loves, and his heroism are encouraged when a woman expresses her appreciation for him and when she communicates that she needs him.

Edric knows that at the end of the day, God is my ultimate sense of security and the rock of my life. But, he also knows I love being rescued by him.

While I lay in bed trying to battle stomach flu, I thought…there is something strangely romantic about being in my undesirable physical condition…My husband right beside me and the pink bottle of Gatorade he so thoughtfully brought me. Whoever thought a bum stomach could turn out to be such sweet afternoon bonding?!


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