A Cut Above the Rest

I don’t want to be biased without proof, so check out these statistics that show how homeschoolers are doing better than other students in the area of academics. You decide…

Source: Homeschool Domination by College at Home

(This link was sent to me by Grace Flores Osio via Facebook)


5 thoughts on “A Cut Above the Rest

  1. Hi! I’m so thankful that I chanced upon your blog! It’s very informative especially that I’m seriously considering homeschooling my kids. I actually inquired and have been exchanging emails with Ms.Girlie and she’s been very helpful. I do hope to get to meet you someday, maybe once I finally get my kids enrolled at TMA. Thanks for being an inspiration to moms like me!

    1. Hi Daisy! Looking forward to meeting you, too! Girlie is great! I do hope you get the guidance you need. Let me know if you need any help connecting with people at TMA.

  2. Ms. Girlie haven’t replied to my inquiry for a while now, I think she’s very busy. I was just hoping to ask if TMA accepts Catholics, and if yes, how do they go about with the sacraments like holy communion and confession? Will they just do it on their own, or does TMA also assist in such? Just need some info on this. Thanks

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