When Tiana was a baby, she hardly had any hair. And sometimes my boys would say, “She looks like a boy!” So I made all kinds of bows for her hair and thought of creating a business, branding them “bandzies.” But after all the effort, I realized I only really wanted to make them for my daughter. Between homeschooling, breastfeeding and caring for a newborn, I did not have the time to source, manufacture, market, and sell them. Now that Tiana is 2 and doesn’t need to wear them anymore, I decided that I would give them away to friends with baby girls.

Anyway, for posterity’s sake, I photographed some of the stuff I made. Maybe it will also give moms out there who have baby girls ideas, too! I bought most of my ribbons, elastic bands and flowers at Carolinas in SM Megamall. Others I picked up in Divisoria or random places. With a needle and thread and a glue gun, anyone can make these.








6 thoughts on “Bandzies

  1. They’re so pretty Joy! I’m sure if you had more time, these items will sell like hotcakes. Skills can be acquired but originality, class and fashion is a gift. I really love the designs. 🙂

    1. Thanks fifi! Maybe if I have another baby…that usually inspires me to make things. Especially if we have another baby girl 😉

  2. Hi joy, what a timely article because I’ve been looking for Bandzies for my 5mo baby girl but couldn’t find any. I dropped by Carolina’s last Saturday but they didn’t have any elastics, can you point me to the right direction:) thxs!!

    1. There is a store in Tutuban called Michelle’s which has folded elastic or fold over elastic. It’s softer and they come in different colors. You can contact them first, just to be sure. 🙂 Michelle’s – G/F Tutuban Prime Block C.M. Recto, 1012 Manila, Philippines(632) 2542935 ; 2542968

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