Hacienda Isabella

Today was a blessed day spent in the company of beautiful women whose hearts are wholly devoted to the Lord. I was refreshed by our morning’s meditation on Psalm 103. The food overflowed. The conversation was delightful. Prayer time was comforting. And the kids went exploring. They played baseball in the field, went swimming, and ran around the place to their hearts’ content. What a day to escape and bring to remembrance the goodness of God!

Everyone needs a day like this…





My ageless mother!


They are all shouting at the same time


Tiana’s “big sister”


The accidental model pose, just ignore the belly!











I ended with a photo of my mom because it was her idea to get a bunch of ladies out of the city to Hacienda Isabela for a day retreat. But more than that, I am incredibly grateful to the Lord for a mom who has been my spiritual mentor and example since I was a wee little thing. She is my benchmark for maximized womanhood — a woman who is defined by her love for Jesus and others, and beautiful inside and out because of it.

8 thoughts on “Hacienda Isabella

  1. Wow this place is so nice! it’s the kind of interior that I’ve dreamed in a house! So so nice….It’s really is a treat away from the city hullabaloo. Kuh did a great job! So it’s fine to just go there and eat and relax for an hour or so? Or one has to have an event planning or something to be there? I pray I can go there with my family or my Dgroup! so wonderful and relaxing! thanks for sharing this Joy! Shalom!

    1. You can call them to schedule a day trip if you don’t want to stay overnight. They need to get your reservation in advance because they don’t prepare food unless it is for like at least 8 or 10 people, and only if you call in advance. 🙂 But it’s so worth it to bring your Dgroup here! And bring cameras to take lots of photos.

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