Letters Everywhere!

When my second son, Edan, was 2 years old, he was obsessed with letters. Until he was about 5, everything we bought him had to do with the alphabet. Whether it was magnetic letters, cut out letters, letter stickers, books about the alphabet, letter stencils, letter stamps, wooden letters to string…you name it, he had it. It was a positive obsession so we let him indulge in it. All this “exposure” to the alphabet made him a more interested reader and writer. He has since grown out of his letter fascination and develop varied interests. But that was a fun time. It was wonderful to be able to buy him presents that revolved around something educational.

As I was browsing through the internet, I came across all kinds of alphabet typography. None of these are my ideas or my copyright. I thought of putting some of my favorites here for you. They make me think of Edan. He would have loved these…



for blog 1





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