The Singing Brothers in Their Pajamas

Recently, I discovered that my sons sing together and harmonize. They started practicing on their own over the Christmas season, singing carols. It was a pleasant surprise when one day I heard them belting out, “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” in the car. Edan was directing and doing the melody with Titus, and Elijah was singing the harmony.

One of the reasons why they are able to hear their own pitch is because they do violin and piano, and from time to time, Edric and I randomly perform for them at the dinner table.

At the age of 7, Elijah was so eager to learn how to harmonize and copy us, so I taught him how to pay attention to the chords of a song. Eventually, he got the principle of it. And playing instruments has been a big help, too.

Titus is a natural singer. He invents songs and often has a melody he is humming while working, eating, playing and even while on the toilet. One of the songs he invented went like this, “When you make poo poo on the toilet, it’s very stinky. So you have to flush it…” I said, “Nice song, Titus!” But he didn’t like that I made a big deal out of his bathroom concert, so he responded with, “Mom!” and stopped singing. Well, it was fun while it lasted.

It is certainly a joy to hear music from my children. Whether it is playing instruments (even if they are not always in tune) or random singing, home feels like a happy place when our children express themselves artistically and freely.

This morning, I was not feeling well. After a day that ended too late last night and with such troubling sleep because I received very sorrowful news about a friend’s death (after attending another person’s wake), it was so comforting to hear my kids voices coming from the dining room. So I asked them to perform for me while I lay in bed. The Singing Brothers in Pajamas

Most of my homeschooling this morning has been from bed! But we are still getting the work done. Thank you, Lord!

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