Belly Banding It

I got to run today with the help of this belly band that I borrowed from my friend. Without it, I get ligament pain. This is my first time to get ligament pain in pregnancy while exercising and it’s obviously an age issue. Since I usually carry my babies pretty high, I can play sports up until 7 months and then just deal with the back pain after. But with this baby, my belly seems lower so there is more pressure on my ligaments.

The belly band worked wonders. It was like having an extra strip of muscle to hold everything up. I couldn’t run super fast but the pace was enough to work up a sweat. Edric and I did 5k and he was very sweet to slow down for me. In fact, he kept on doing side glances to see if I was okay. Last month, I told him to run ahead of me because the pain was the stabbing, arresting kind that forced me to walk. So being able to finish with him was such a joy. Yeah! I will take this one run at a time.

Of course, by the time I got home, I was twice as hungry so I probably negated the exercise. But I was energized! There is nothing like a jog and morning sun to get the blood circulating, especially to the brain. And I need blood flow in my brain right now.

My brain has been functioning at 50% capacity. It’s called pregnancy brain. I forget my children’s names and interchange them, and I misuse words and terminologies often. Sometimes, I just stare at nothing and it is actually very relaxing.

I just recently wrote about exercise in pregnancy so I won’t go into that. Instead I wanted to make a note about how pregnancy doesn’t have to alter your lifestyle significantly. As much as possible, I try to do the same things I do when I am not pregnant — homeschool, home management, ministry, speaking engagements, dates with my hubby, write, exercise…It certainly makes the pregnancy go by quicker because life goes on as usual. As my due date gets closer, naturally, I will have to cut back on some things. But at least pregnancy doesn’t feel like an interruption.

It’s the post pregnancy phase that makes my life stop for about six months. Caring for a newborn and breastfeeding are the more challenging parts. So I try to maximize the pregnancy phase by keeping up with activities I enjoy and wearing a belly band if I need some extra help to do so. 😉

6 thoughts on “Belly Banding It

  1. Hi, this is kind of off topic but did not know how else to get in touch. I read the Phil Star article of your love story and would like to ask for your permission to use it as a classroom resource for when I discuss chastity and purity. Needless to say, I am a third year high school teacher of Christian Morality in a Catholic school. I hope it will be okay as I am sure your story will inspire our young girls.

    Regards on the pregnancy!

      1. Sure, Elizabeth 🙂 I hope it will bless the youth 🙂 if God can use it to encourage them to stay pure then praise God!

  2. seriously?!.. man! i can’t even walk too far (CCF-St Francis to Megamall, hingal na!) maybe it’s the age&weight thing and I really can’t do strenuous stuff like running cuz I’ve had 3 “spotting” episodes already. But what’s ” ligament pain.”? i’m not sure if i had it cuz i feel so many aches in my body here and there. Had no problem with my first pregnancy (in my late 20’s) even though I was working in a Call Center back then, but now!? oh well…^_^ God is good!

    1. Ligament pain is a sharp pain in the abdominal area due to the stretching of ligaments that hold up your belly. I didn’t have it before but I do this pregnancy…probably because it is my fifth and my baby is lower than before. 🙂 If you don’t have it, yehey! Lucky you!!!

      1. I see. I think I have experienced that from time to time and maybe because the my baby is lower than before too. Thanks again!!!

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