Singapore 2013

Singapore was a great place to spend a family vacation. We were blessed to be able to stay with Edric’s aunt who was such a gracious host. She had two yayas, too! What a dream. We decided to get away as a family before baby #5 comes along. It will be a challenge to travel out of the country after I give birth, so this vacation was timely. Of course, I had to get the approval of my doctor since I was traveling between 31 and 32 weeks pregnant. Praise God, she gave me a medical certificate in case the airlines asked for it. They didn’t but it was good to have it. (Remember this if you are a traveling pregnant woman, especially after 28 weeks.) Airlines require certification from a doctor before they will let you fly. And I don’t think they allow women to be on an airplane if they are past 34 weeks. Thirty-six weeks would probably be the latest.

We booked a budget airline — Jetstar. Their rates weren’t too bad, especially since we picked the odd hours which weren’t very popular. The kids didn’t mind. They thought of it all as an adventure from beginning to end.

To maximize our stay, we went to educational places. With the exception of Legoland in Malaysia (which was only a 30 minute drive away), Sentosa and Snow City, everything we took the kids to had educational value…The Gardens by the Bay, Singapore Zoo, River Safari, The Science Center, Omnitheater, and Jurong Bird Park. And we had the best food! Tita Nini (Edric’s aunt) knew the yummiest places to eat. We had the Newton Food Center experience where you can get the most delicious Hainanese Chicken Rice. We also ate at Din Tai Fung and Jumbo, where we feasted on huge crabs!

During the 7 days we were away from Manila, Edric and I had amazing bonding moments with the kids. My personal highlight was seeing their expressions and reactions when they experienced something new.

I don’t know when we will be able to do the next family vacation abroad, but we are still tanked up on Singapore fun. I praise God for allowing us this window to enjoy one another…

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6 thoughts on “Singapore 2013

  1. I love, love, love the photos, Joy!

    You know why they didn’t ask for that certificate? You don’t look like you’re past 31 weeks! I probably look more pregnant than you. LOL!

    1. Thanks Kaye! I think the secret is the clothing. If I wear the right stuff I can camouflage my tummy. he he. But I think people were probably assuming that with four kids, I probably didn’t have another one in my tummy, maybe it was just a big left-over tummy. ha ha

  2. Thank you for this post, Miss Joy! Was looking for a cheap flight to Singapore. 🙂

    What a beautiful family! God bless you. 🙂

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