Before I Do

Imaginenation is putting on another Before I Do workshop this month. This is a great way to prepare for marriage, if you are engaged or dating. Edric and I were invited to speak at this event again. We always enjoy being a part of it and seeing the twinkly eyes of the couples who are so in love with one another. We hope to keep that twinkle in their eyes beyond the honeymoon by sharing biblical and practical principles on marriage.


Contact Imaginenation if you are interested:
+632.7137189 / +632.5063149
+63917.5634685 / +63917.8541559

2 thoughts on “Before I Do

  1. I. Love your blog joy! It inspires me a lot! I hope you can also share some insight about your single life before you met edric, i know sobrang tagal noon. Pero i think what you have now is the result of what u did in the past! So you can inspire more young women on how to entrust evrything to the lord 🙂 i always talk about you tomy students and my younger sisters! I really love your blog! 🙂 God bless!

  2. It’s uncanny but my life was almost mirroring yours. Like you, my life pre-pregnancy was almost utopian. I felt like I was at one of the (if not the best) times of my life, things were great with my husband and children, i rediscovered my faith and felt like God’s favoured child. Until I gave birth and like you had to have our baby hospitalized, 2x! The first time, Angelina had to go through phototherapy for about 1 week. then we left the hospital, only to be readmitted because of hyperbilirubin again, for 3 days more. It was harrowing. When my baby was in NICU (I thought it was NICU, turns out it was just NCU neonatal care unit), i was crying and crying only to realize my baby was the healthiest and biggest in the entire unit. The baby beside us was born at 31 weeks and needed a tube to feed since she couldn’t swallow yet, much less breastfeed. Her mom also couldn’t stay long at the hospital as she didn’t have a ride home on her own (she needed her husband to drive her around). The other mom there, her baby was also smaller than average and although they were discharged sooner than we were, the entire time, the parents would sleep on the chairs because they couldn’t afford a room. The mom sometimes had to be by herself while I had round the clock help from care givers/midwives/nurses and a room to stay in and a supportive husband. Anyway, like you, I saw God’s hand in it. I was able to donate some milk and plan to give more to the premie baby we met there and I was able to help the mom (find work as wet nurse which pays more than her job at SM which won’t take her away from her baby), and also give a little cash.

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