Just You & Me, Baby!

No kids. Just Edric and me. I miss them but this is a lot of fun! We needed this time away.

The perks of childless traveling…

1. People think we are boyfriend and girlfriend (kind of cute but I would NEVER have been allowed to travel with Edric when I was still dating him. He he)
2. We are so efficient! It’s like leaving planet Krypton and having super powers on earth, except we left Manila and we are now in Brazil. Without the kids, we move faster and think clearer.
3. I don’t have to fill out 7 immigration cards! Yeah! Just two!
4. We only need ONE taxi. We only need ONE hotel room.
5. We take ONE suitcase each. That’s it. We don’t have to pack the whole house.
6. I am not worried about losing any of my kids. There’s no need to count them off to check that they are complete.
7. The whining and crying sounds on a plane aren’t coming from my kids. Whew.
8. Long plane rides become a time to rest and relax.
9. We can go anywhere, eat anywhere, shop anywhere we like to without anyone complaining that they are tired.
10. Edric takes such good care of me because I am the only one he needs to concern himself with.
11. We get to talk and reconnect on a much more intimate level.
12. The romance meter starts going up.

Today we arrived in São Paulo and we had dinner at a grill called Galeto’s. As we enjoyed the privacy of a corner and delicious food, we reviewed how our marriage was doing. Edric told me that he missed me paying attention to him. I didn’t know this. He said that I haven’t been asking him about his day and cuddling with him at night. These are simple things which I have taken for-granted.

Back in Manila I tend to be very pragmatic. We have so many commitments that keep us in kinetic mode. I hardly have time to sit through a meal with him without rushing off to attend to Catalina, getting ready for an event or activity, or checking my phone. This affects our relationship, sometimes more than I realize it. What a timely break God has given us to be alone and revisit our marriage.

On the plane, Edric told me, “I like traveling with you because I get to learn about you all over again. I get to see new facets of who you are.”

I think he made an important point. No matter how long a couple is married, it’s necessary to keep getting to know one another. Plus, the more you learn about your spouse the more honestly you can love them.

I like getting to know Edric, too. Every time we travel certain quirks surface…All of his things need to be in one section of the hotel room. Most of the time he under packs and runs out of clothes. He gets very introspective and reflective about life. When he is in the Duty Free of an airport, he will most probably visit the gadget store. When he does, he gets this childlike excitement when he is in there. His idea of touring is taking in the sights and culture of a city in an unhurried sort of way. Even though he gets hungry often, he would rather spend on shopping than on food. He is a sucker for souvenirs. He holds my hand more. (I like that part!)

It’s been difficult to be gone from our five little darlings at home. However, Edric and I do need these just-you-and-me-baby kind of trips to “study” one another so we can get an A+ on our relationship!


16 thoughts on “Just You & Me, Baby!

  1. Have fun honeymooning! 🙂 Thanks for sharing this. Like you, I was also apprehensive to travel this year because we have a new baby girl that will only be 8 months old then. But it’s my brother in-law’s wedding so we really have to go. It just breaks my heart to be away from our 2 kids especially since I am still breastfeeding Arianna, our 2nd baby. I wanted to bring her with us so I wouldn’t have to worry about her and miss the milestones and to save me from pumping. (I’m so lazy to pump!) But now that you’ve mentioned the good things of travelling without kids, I am kinda excited to have our 2nd honeymoon with Jerome which coincidentally will also be falling on our wedding anniversary 🙂

    1. Thank you Dotty! It’s very hard to leave the kids. The first time I did it I was crying a lot! But I realized that they survived just fine 🙂 with the pumping thing I can totally empathize. That’s been difficult during this trip. I just brought a hand pump too!

  2. Have an amazing time at Brazil to both of you, Miss Joy! Happy honeymoon! 🙂 Thank you for being such a blessing through your writings. I am able to apply Christ-like principles in my relationship with my boyfriend. I do hope and pray that when such time arrive that I enter into marriage, I will follow your examples and teachings. Remain blessed! 🙂

  3. Hi Joy, thanks for sharing about your experience. My husband has been asking me to go on an out of the country trip and I have been having second thoughts everytime he offers it. I know he is the priority over our kids but I cannot imagine being away from our children. I am breastfeeding my 6-month old baby boy, Elki, which adds to my concern. Any tips on how I can overcome these feelings? I got excited when I read about your trip, though. Makes me want to go on a date with my husband just not so sure about the long distance. How long was your trip and did you stash breastmilk for Catalina?

  4. I get so kilig and I can’t help it but tell you Ms. Joy. Your blogs, your family, your life is such a blessing! God bless your vacay! Enjoy Brazil! 🙂

  5. I always enjoy reading all your articles, ms. Joy. Although I’m in my senior years I learned a lot of thingsfrom because you teach with joy…:-)
    Continue what you are doing because you know that your labour in the Lord is not in vain!

  6. Thats really sweet! And I totally agree! Every couple regardless how long you’ve been married should always find that “just you and me baby” time… Have a wonderful vacay you two…

  7. Hello Joy!
    These past months, reading your entries, I feel like I’ve found a very wise big sister in you. O:-) Thank you for making yourself available and used by our Lord in this way.
    Nakatulong po sa akin sobra ang writings mo about obedience.. yours and sa mga kids mo. I now understand why I still need to obey my parents at my age na 28. O:-)
    Hope you enjoy Brazil!

    BTW, my friend is wondering how to contact or set a schedule with Edric for speaking engagements, is there an email ad or a contact person that could help us?

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