We Are Brothers

When I shop for my kids, I like to get them matching outfits. It’s easier when you have to buy clothes for five kids. Plus, I think it’s adorable when they all sport the same look in a Sound of Music sort of way. It wasn’t until a friend asked, “So you still dress them alike and they don’t mind it?” that I began to wonder if it was totally corny of me to make them look uniform.

I decided to ask my kids what they thought of wearing matching clothes, and the response I got was, “It’s fun. We like being matching because we are brothers.”

“Yah, we like it! We feel sad when we are not matching.” Another one piped in. (Sometimes I can’t buy three versions of one item.)

“What if other people think it’s silly?” I probably shouldn’t have inserted this but I was curious to know their perspective.

“Why is it silly? We like it, that’s what matters. It’s a brother thing.” Elijah replied with conviction while the others concurred with him. The three of them were sitting in the back of the van wearing orange t-shirts they picked out together, smiling at me.

I don’t know how long my boys will approve of their coordinating outfits. Perhaps at some point they will gravitate towards particular styles that are varied from one another. In the meantime, they will be looking matchy-matchy. It may not be the “cool” way to dress but I am so glad my homeschooled sons don’t care. What they do care about is being associated with one another because they are brothers…they are a team…they are united…they are each other’s best friends.

Thank you to their Tita Danie for these outfits…


7 thoughts on “We Are Brothers

  1. The kids love each other because they feel and know the genuine love from their parents. Congratulations Edric and Joy for your godly teamwork in bringing up your children. Keep it up!

  2. Thank you for your inspiring thoughts on marriage and raising kids for God. This is refreshing to see the good side of it and not just from my personal exposure. I pray that u continue with your purpose and reach more individuals and families thru your blogs. Thanks also to your supportive family.

  3. I thank the Lord for you using you Ms Joy to minister to me today because I just got a new pair of glasses the color of which (light brown) is so different from the color (black) that I have been using for almost all the glasses I used in my life. People have gotten used to seeing me wearing black glasses and changing into brown might change the way I look, allowing the possibility of me looking silly. For a self-conscious person like me, this makes me anxious but then your post today po Ms. Joy inspires me to look beyond my insecurities on the outside, and to focus more on the beautification of my spirit. 🙂 thank you for this Ms. Joy!

  4. Our family loves matching outfits! Esp my mom, my sister and i. Including bags and accessories! And we are not young lol my sister who is 9 years my junior is always mistaken as my twin sister because we always dress alike. We have a TON of matching outfits i swear! =D

  5. I have matching outfits for your family! Didn’t realize you guys were leaving so I suppose I shall wait til January when you guys get back?

    Was supposed to ship it out already but the past months have been really busy! Sorry. 🙁

  6. My sister and I used to wear matching outfits with our mom all the time back in the 90s. Back then, she was big on having her clothes done by her favorite modista who’d come by our house every few weeks. Mom would buy fabric and have the modista come up with dresses for her, me, and my sister. We’d each have dresses of the same fabric but different styles. Obviously, it was ridiculously cute when we were babies and toddlers. By the time I was 10 and my sister was 6, I started getting embarrassed and asked if we can stop. She didn’t push it and respected my wishes. Nowadays whenever I see childhood pictures, I think we all looked so cute. I’m glad we went through that phase. 🙂

  7. Hi joy,
    I had just read your email today.
    for more than 2 months I have no way to open emails since my tablet was broken by my 1yr old grandson. Thanks for his dad brought me a new one.
    this article “We Are Brothers” is very helpful and inspiring!
    keep up the good work “for you know that your
    labor in the LORD is not in vain.”

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