Paper is an important part of my life. And I love a good paper find. Today I received a bag of paper goodies from my friend, Jen, who just started Motto Press Room or Motto for short. 


I am looking forward to buying her products as gifts for friends. She has priced her products pretty reasonably considering how wonderful the paper quality is. Okay, so it probably helps that she owns her own printing business and collaborates with her amazingly artistic sister, Feliz Lucas of Chestknots Photography, for the design concepts. But what makes her items special is they highlight bible verses which are presented in creative and feminely inspired ways. Love it, Jen! Looking forward to new editions to your current collection! 




4 thoughts on “Motto 

  1. I love writing billet-doux and hand-made cards, and your post sparked my interest with these awesome paper crafts. I would love to purchase some as well. Thanks for sharing!

    The verses and dainty design are truly awesome! 🙂 May God bless the talents endowed to you and your friend. 😀

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