Dapitan Rookie

I may be the last person who knows about the amazing finds at Dapitan, but in case you are clueless like me, here’s a place worth visiting. There is a street off Banawe Avenue in Quezon City that is called Dapitan. It’s a treasure-trove of household items that cheapies-with-taste, such as myself, and my friend who recommended it (Thanks, Emily), will absolutely enjoy. If it had not been for the heat last Saturday, I might have spent more time bargain hunting. But Edric was with me, which was a good thing, because his threshold for summer heat is very low. So we were in and out of Dapitan in a little over an hour. 

Here are some stores that caught my eye:

Here’s a guy that definitely caught my attention! Oh, that’s my handsome husband, pointing at a birdcage!

Here are some of the items I ended up buying: 

Jars for my outdoor lights project (P90 each) 

 Milk jar (P100)  

Wooden tray (P50)  

Small ramekins (P30 each)  

Sugar bowls (P50 each) 

Not bad, eh? And I didn’t even do much haggling because the prices weren’t expensive to begin with. I will be going back soon (on a day that’s not so hot!)

7 thoughts on “Dapitan Rookie

  1. Hi Ms. Joy.. nice find.. i would love to go there during my vacation to philippines.. and please share your outdoor lights project too.. hehe.. Godbless.. thank you for sharing..

    1. Certain things are cheaper and certain things they don’t seem to have in Divisoria 🙂 I think it’s worth visiting!

  2. Hi Ms. Joy! Thanks for sharing this. I go to Dapitan almost every quarter to check out the goods, because they change every 3-4 months. Nice to see that it already changed from the last time I went! Time to schedule another trip. 🙂

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