Montessori And Homeschooling

My friend, Betty, is organizing a Montessori training for moms of young children. I don’t usually advertise events on my site but I am particularly supportive of this one because I have experienced the benefits of the Montessori method on my own kids.

When Elijah was little, we sent him to Abba’s Orchard (a real Maria Montessori school!) twice a week and homeschooled him the other three days of the week. It was just for a semester but Edric and I really liked the hands-on learning, one-on-one attention, purposeful play, and emphasis on practical skills and discipline that perfectly complemented Elijah’s homeschooling.

I have incorporated Montessori into my own homeschooling, using its very helpful techniques to introduce concepts to my kids. It’s an approach that parents can replicate very naturally at home.

For parents with pre-schoolers, or those who need creative ideas to engage their children in the learning process, or for parents who prefer a more wholistic, developmentally-sensitive approach to educating their children, this is a workshop worth attending.


Diane Angping is an AMI trained Montessori teacher with a Masters in Early Childhood Education. She taught as Primary head teacher for 2.5-6 year olds and 6-9 year olds for several years in the U.S. but is now focused on raising her two sons and blogging for her site


  1. Thanks so much for this! GOD Bless you!

  2. Hi Ms. Joy,

    Thanks for this. Unfortunately I am not available this Sat. I hope there will be rerun soon.

  3. Ohhh..this coincides with Abba’s Orchard Open House. Hope it would have a rerun. Thanks!

  4. Yes, hope there’s a rerun!

  5. Karen Chua says:

    Sayang I missed this. Really interested with Montessori School.

  6. missed the event too :(…. hope meron pa next time

  7. interesting. I have a pre-schooler soon.

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Montessori And Homeschooling