Another Homeschool Monday

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Over-served Children

Edric and I let the kids clean up the kitchen and dining area tonight. They did a good job and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves. One of my … read more

Daily Activities With Your 0 to 3 Year Old

1.      Listen to music or sing songs together. (Ex. nursery rhymes, bible songs, classical, praise music) Let her move to the music or give her … read more

Someday, I Want to Be An Architect

At the age of four, our eldest son, Elijah, expressed that he wanted to be an architect. Since then we have encouraged the pursuit this dream by being … read more

A Day in the Life of Homeschooling

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Bible Verse Art

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Happy Father’s Day, Hon!

I married a most amazing man who became a most amazing father to our children. Thank you for being a Malachi dad to our sons and daughter. I want to … read more

Easy Read-a-loud Book

Titus is enjoying this book now.We read a story a day and he is able to sit through it and pay attention. It's called Stories Jesus Told by Nick … read more

A Father’s Prayer

One of the best things a father can do is teach his son the way he should go, but a greater father knows that this an impossible task without God's … read more


As we celebrated my brother's birthday last week, we spent time honoring him and sharing what we appreciated about him. Honoring people on their … read more

Bible Devotion for the Week

The boys recite their memory verse for the week and "interpret" them on their own. Edan recites Proverbs 17:22 Titus recites Proverbs … read more

Opportunities to Shine

A couple weeks ago Elijah and Edan participated in the Homeschool Association of the Philippines (Hapi) Homeschool Fair at Valle Verde 5. Homeschool … read more