Stolen Pencils

Last night I got to reconnect with old college friends during a baby shower. The mom to be, was one of my first friends in college — Jennie Llamas-Garcia. She is going to be having a girl! Like myself, she has only had boys so it’s a whole new world for her, too. We had a great time sharing stories and laughing a lot!

Baby shower babes - Marimar, Danni, Monica, pregg0 Jennie, and Iciar. Not pictured here - Trinchy and Ta-ta.
Jennie, me, and Danni

Sometime during the evening the moms started to share about how their kids are doing in school. I was surprised to hear that they have already had to deal with bullying situations because their kids are pretty young.

It kind of broke my heart a little when Jennie said that her older son keeps asking her to buy him new pencils. Apparently his classmates steal his pencils! This son of hers is such a nice boy. Elijah used to play with him when they lived in Manila.

On the other hand, her younger son, who is also a very nice boy, has been influenced by his friends to become somewhat of a bully! Shocking, but true. It was also kind of funny because he is just 4 years old and looks like an angel. He doesn’t fit the stereotype.

But Jennie shared about how he and his friends recently ganged up on a 10-year old boy who ended up having to call out for help. He was surrounded by 4 year olds who were picking on him!

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if my boys went to a school. Would they be picked on? What would they do? What kind of crowd would they connect with?

It got me to thinking that I really have to encourage my sons to choose the right kind of friends, even while they are young.  And the other thing I was thinking was, good thing they are taking Taekwondo as part of their P.E.! I don’t want anybody stealing my sons’ pencils in the future (if they ever do go to a traditional school). If anyone tries, the boys can use the hand block movements they are learning! Hiya-cha!

Practicing their Taekwondo moves outdoors while Edric looks on.

2 thoughts on “Stolen Pencils

  1. Hi joy,
    Most kids who tend to bully were most likely bullied as well…

    Bullying works like a mob mentality…there’s always a ring leader and everyone follows him…

    I just came from a meeting with my 4 year old son’s teacher, and she mentioned that my son has started exhibiting some bullying attitude…when the teacher talked to my son about it, he said he learned it from his cousins who also makes fun of him and that they don’t like him…Ive observed it before but I was hoping it would blow over…but I didn’t realize it was affecting my child that much…

    Hope you can shine some biblical perspective on this…What would you do?

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