Homeschool Moms Need Romance

I know the title may sound a little misleading. It really should read like this: Homeschool Moms Need Romance from Their Husbands.

As a homeschooling mom, I get sick and tired of homeschooling from time to time. Yes, I said it. It sounds pretty horrible to be that honest, but I do get emotionally worn out…especially on days when my kids are difficult to motivate or I feel discouraged by my own shortcomings. I didn’t say that I get sick and tired of my kids, just the responsibility of having to teach them and be consistent about it.

During these occasions of emotional fatigue, my first instinct is to go to the Lord and ask for renewed grace and energy to keep going. My second recourse is to refuel my emotional tank. And that’s where my husband, Edric, comes to the rescue. He is sensitive to my threshold level and will get me out of the house for a nice walk and some fresh air, or isolate the two of us in our room for a heart to heart conversation, or put on a movie so we can enjoy some fun, mindless entertainment.  He knows when I need a “break.”

One thing I’ve really appreciated, however, is our date night. This happens on a Monday evening, just three hours of Edric and I. We don’t bring the kids, we avoid checking our cellphones, and we veer away from unromantic conversations that begin with questions like, “Did you pay for the water bill?” We do, however, give each other undivided attention and have very honest conversations over dinner about things like how we can improve, what God is teaching us, dreams, highs and lows, etc. (And by the way, Mondays are a great night to go out because NOBODY goes out on a Monday night. We never have to stress out about restaurant reservations or running out of theatre seats when we watch a movie.)

The kids also know that these nights are reserved for just the two of us. We used to have to bargain with them, but Edric made it very clear that date nights are a given. “We do this so we can love each other more and love you more,” he used to say. The kids get it now. From saying, “Why do you have to go out?” we more often get, “Okay! See you tomorrow! Love you!” instead.

Going out on Monday evenings is how Edric and I keep the romance going in our marriage. Our dates aren’t elaborate (romance doesn’t have to be), but we make them quality time for us. It’s the meaningfulness of the date that makes it romantic. Amidst the multitudinous number of responsibilities that we have to deal with, it’s our way of saying to one another, “You are the most important person in my life and I want to spend time with you.”

Well, it certainly gives my week a kick-start. Somehow, I’m more motivated to homeschool and parent my kids. My emotional tank is not running on empty for the kids or others. Ultimately, I draw strength from the Lord, but it helps to have a husband who romances me, too! After all, what homeschooling mom can keep goin’ without good lovin’? Not me!

Edric and I at Umu Restaurant, Dusit Hotel for a triple date night with old friends. Triple dates are unusual for Mondays, but we had fun talking couple stuff with our friends. Thanks for the fantastic food, Escaros!


4 thoughts on “Homeschool Moms Need Romance

  1. hi joy!

    question, when can i start homeschooling formally na?
    my daughter is 3 yrs old na.
    ok lang ba 5 yrs old kami magstart mag enroll?

  2. Hi Katz! I always enroll my kids at the prep level and not earlier. That’s at age 5:) But, I still homeschool them before 5, mostly informally. I make it fun and playful so they develop a love for learning. 🙂

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