Never Too Young to Be a Leader

I finally finished Tim Elmore’s book, Generation iY. His last chapter is entitled, “Save the Future.” It is about preparing today’s children and youth to be the next generation of leaders who will make a positive difference in our world to save the future. He included a section called “You’re Never Too Young to Be a Leader,” which was a good reminder that our kids can initiate doing great things even when they are young.

— Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart composed his first symphony at age 8.
— Bill Gates started Microsoft at age 19.
— Trevor Ferrel began Trevor’s Place to feed the homeless at age 12.
— John Wesley launched the beginnings of the Methodist movement at age 17.
— Albert Einstein wrote his first scientific paper at age 16.
— Stephen Spielberg directed his first indie film at age 16.
— Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook at age 19.
— Louis Braille designed his system of reading for the blind at age 15.
— Josiah became king of Israel at age 8 and began reforming the country at age 16.
— Joan of Ark led three thousand French knights into battle at age 17.
— Sagen Woorley started a free-lunch program for the poor at age 12.
— Steve Jobs launched Apple Computers at age 21.
— Pioneer missionaries of the Student Volunteer Movement in the late 1800s set out to sea when they were 18 to 24.
— Teresa of Calcutta started her work in India at age 19.
— Cassie Burnall stood for her faith at gunpoint at age 17.
— DesMonte Love led kids to safety in Hurricane Katrina at age 6.
— George Williams started the YMCA at age 23.
— Zach Hunter launched a modern initiative to set slaves free at age 15.

While I was inspired by this list, the greatest thing our kids can ever do is win souls for the Kingdom of God. I am praying that God will allow our children to catch the vision of world change by doing great things that will attract people to Jesus Christ. After all, only Jesus Christ can save our future.


2 thoughts on “Never Too Young to Be a Leader

  1. Is there a possibility of purchasing the book Generation iY through you or CCF?

    Btw, your family photo exudes with so much joy that i know radiates from within – all because of Christ in you and your children!

    1. Hi Tess, You are best off ordering it from Amazon or maybe you might get lucky at OMF, but I’m not sure if they are selling it. 🙂 Lord willing, by next year, parents will be able to order books and materials through us. 🙂 I’m excited about that opportunity. Parents are often asking me about where to buy these things.

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