Christmas Recital

One of our dear relatives once asked, “Will I ever get to watch your kids perform like they would if they were in school?” I’d like to answer that question.

TMA Homeschool held its Christmas recital this morning. There were at least 170 homeschool kids who participated as musicians, theater art performers, ballet and folk dancers, singers, pianists, and artists. Our two older boys were part of the violin ensemble.





This event was a good testament to the fact that homeschoolers don’t miss out on much and have a good many occasions to socialize and cooperate with others and perform for an audience. It does help when a family is enrolled in a program that offers these opportunities. But, an independent homeschooler can find ways to develop their child’s musicality, artistic abilities, athleticism and give them the venue to exhibit these gifts.

I happen to be connected to TMA Homeschool, but I also belong to a support group made up of a mix of independent and enrolled homeschoolers. Either way, if parents are intentional enough, they can make these opportunities for music, art, PE classes and performing happen.

In fact, just last week, the playgroup I meet with put together a U.N. day. Each family had to research on a country, wear it’s costume, bring food, and prepare a presentation that included both trivia, interesting facts, and shed light on the religious climate of the country. The mom who hosted this event set up a stage so the kids could practice their presentation skills. About 8 families participated and we all had a great time. We may not have made up too big of an audience, but the activity still provided our kids with the opportunity to “perform.”

Performances are a great way to develop character in children. They practice traits like boldness, dependence on the Holy Spirit, putting the needs of others before their own, and working hard towards a goal.

Our sons are not always excited about being on stage or in front of others, but we encourage them to get out of their comfort zone for character’s sake. Today’s Christmas recital was another one of those times when they had to stretch themselves. They may have only had a small part in the whole production, but we saw some valuable character traits in action and that’s what mattered.


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