Endless Whats and Whys

I can’t make it through one page of reading aloud with my three year old, Titus, without being bombarded by why and what questions. Of all my children, he has been the most inquisitive during story time. He asks why about ten times for each page that I read. So, if it normally takes 10 minutes to read one short story, the time doubles with Titus.

But, I don’t mind. I know the gears are turning inside his head. His learning style is just different. He looks at the little details on each illustration of a book and asks me to explain what is going on. Never mind that I am trying to read to him what is happening. He wants to know about the pictures and make his own conclusions based on what he sees. For the most part, I enjoy hearing his questions and responding to them because I feel that these why and what moments are my golden opportunities to interact with him.

Some ladies in my bible study group asked me if I get irritated when he badgers me with his questions. Sure, there are times when I just want to finish the story, but I love it that Titus is such a curious boy. I wouldn’t want to discourage or change that by reacting to him in a negative way. And the wonderful thing about homeschooling is the it allows me to be there to provide answers for his curiosity.

I do believe he and I are getting more out of the experience when we interact with one another. My encouragement for moms who have inquisitive children who are always asking why, what, when or how is to make the most of this stage. Let’s embrace this time as an opportunity to teach our children about life. In fact, it’s a privilege to be their first resource for information!

Reading Peter Rabbit to Titus

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