Active Fun in Global City

My kids don’t ever get tired of Active Fun. There is a new branch which opened in Bonifacio Global City last November 2011 that is just walking distance from where we live. I took the kids to it on Monday with my sister-in-law, Denise, and her kids. Elijah, my eldest, was assigned to watch his younger brothers. Because I didn’t have a yaya with me, I stayed with my one year old, Tiana, and brought her all around the indoor playground. I had to maneuver inside tunnels, jump on the trampoline, climb up to the highest point just to slide down, rescue her out of the plastic ball pen, lift her, push her and pull her in, out, up, down, and through obstacles. Whew. It was tiring! But seeing the delight on my kids faces made all the exercise worth it!

Here is a tip if you plan to take your kids to Active Fun. Bring your own water bottle! The last time I had to pay P80 for a medium sized bottle of water. I didn’t want to but I found out that my eldest son, Elijah, had already ordered and drank the water. He took the initiative to approach the vendors without any money and say, “My mom will pay.” Nice one, son. It hurt my wallet, but I was proud of him for being resourceful enough to fend for himself. 🙂










6 thoughts on “Active Fun in Global City

  1. Oh my goodness. This is so funny. 2 Sundays ago, we were seated behind this couple in CCF and my husband was insisting that it was you and Edric. I was like “No, that’s not them. Joy’s hair is longer”. Apparently, he was right.

    Too bad cause my husband would have loved to have thanked Edric for the great talk during the prayer and fasting week. (Somehow, Edric’s sermons always touches my husband’s heart the most. )

    1. Hey Liv! Yep, I got it cut! Save money on shampoo. he he. I was also tired of my Rapunzel hair. Anyway, it will grow…:) Praise God that your husband enjoys Edric’s messages. It is surely the Holy Spirit. But I like listening to Edric, too, because I have a crush on him. ha ha ha.

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