It’s encouraging to know that the world is beginning to understand just how beneficial home schooling is. This article in Newsweek,Why Urban, Educated Parents Are Turning to DIY Education, featured on, positively explains why parents are now more open to a “DIY Education” for their children. It does not contain religious or moral reasons, which are more often credited as reasons of stereotypical Christian families who have chosen to homeschool. And while I still believe that ultimately this is the highest motivation a parent should have for educating their children on their own, this article made me smile. It’s one thing to try and convince people that homeschool ought to be a first option for a family, but I couldn’t do a better job than Newsweek to present a pretty convincing case in favor of it. Author, Linda Perlstein, a mom herself, favored the way that children are allowed to be children, parents are prioritizing family, children do excel academically, and that opportunities abound for home educated kids. She had little to say about the cons of homeschooling.

How refreshing to know that parents are thoughtfully considering how the mass-market approach to education for their children is no longer the only recourse. Even though I still herald homeschooling as a matter of obedience to God’s mandate in Deuteronomy 6:4-7 and this is my moral conviction, I read this article with the lenses of someone who might not share my same perspective, and I was convinced that it truly is a better education. Amen to Newsweek for making homeschooling look so attractive!


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  1. My husband and I just made the decision to homeschool (for at least 1 year) over the weekend and I’m both excited and terrified. Articles like this one are comforting for someone who’s a bit scared of homeschooling like I am

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