Emoticon Tiana

Just for fun…

I asked Tiana to do facial expressions and I took a video of her. If you want a minute of entertainment to break up your day, watch this silly thing…

Emoticon Tiana


You can take the idea further and make expression cards using your toddler’s face. Take photos of your child and print them out. You can discuss them together to encourage language skills.



Happy Face


Sad Face


Surprised Face


Scared Face


Sleeping Face


Laughing Face


Praying Face


Shouting Face


Silly Face


Questions you can ask:

What kind of face does this show? When do you feel this way?
Can you show me what face you have when you are tired?
Which face shows you praying?

You can also say things like…
“When I see you, I feel happy!” Then show the happy face card.
“When you tickle me, I laugh!” Then show the laughing face card

You can also make a little book of expressions for your child.


7 thoughts on “Emoticon Tiana

  1. She’s such a ham! this instantly brightened up my day! hahahahah! 🙂 I’ll share this with my sister in law so she can do the same for my 2 year old niece.

  2. My favorite is sleeping face. Praying face cracks me up. The rest are so good! What an actress. Will try this on Iago. But I doubt i can make him do all.

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