Max on the Road – Courtship and Marriage 101

Two years ago, Edric and I became part of an advocacy campaign by Revicon Max vitamins. The tagline of the brand’s campaign was “I love my wife very Max! We did a commercial and we were featured on billboards. This was two weeks after giving birth to Tiana. I wasn’t feeling too hot. But we were excited about the advocacy because Edric and I have a burden for marriage and family.

For the last five years we have partnered with our bible study friends to speak at a bi-annual event called, “Before I Do.” When other opportunities open up to speak at retreats, at our church, or elsewhere we try our best to make ourselves available to be there, too. So when Revicon Max offered to organize this “Max on the Road” event, we said yes.

It is our privilege to be part of this advocacy and we pray that God can use us to bless and minister to soon-to-be-wed couples, newly married couples, and even singles who want “advance” preparation for marriage. We aren’t marriage experts but we would like to pass on to others the biblical truths about marriage that have been passed on to us. These truths have transformed our own marriage and the relationships of countless others.

So, if you feel that this event can be a blessing to someone you know or even to yourself, please check out the details on the flyer. (By the way, Edric and I don’t get paid to do this. The P101 fee is a donation to CCF Eastwood projects.) Hope to see you there!


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