Star City – Surprisingly Fun

I never thought Star City could be a fun family place. My impression of it dated to way back when it seemed like a glorified local carnival which lacked the actual thrill factor of big amusement parks. But we were invited to spend the afternoon there for a birthday party and the kids couldn’t get enough of it! They especially loved the Snow World attraction which allowed them to experience icy cold weather and slide down an ice slide. (I recommend bringing your own coat and mittens to this one. I was in shorts and had to run out after about fifteen minutes even when they lent me a jacket.)

There were a couple of areas and rides that needed renovation to really make them world class, but for 350 pesos as an all-you-can-ride entrance fee, your kids will not be bored. And it’s a contained enough space that you won’t be dead tired walking around. If you are there during a weekday, like homeschoolers can afford to do, you will practically have the place all to yourselves! It’s open from Monday to Thursday, 4pm onwards. And Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 2 pm onwards. We went on Friday and it didn’t get crowded till about 5pm.

The 350 entrance fee gives you access to everything except Mid-way games, coin operated machines, Snow World, Lazer Blaster, 4D Theater, and Walk on Water. Check out their website for more details Star City

As a family bonding experience, I do recommend this place. It was very enjoyable for my kids and the kids in our playgroup. We were all so blessed. It was a great birthday celebration idea!

Just watch out for some of the rides which have visual experiences that may scare young children — like movable life-size people. Tiana and Edan didn’t like those. (Edan could not sleep very well afterwards). Also, we did not go into the rides like Dungeon, Gabi Ng Lagim, and Kilabot Ng Mummy.

One of the highlights for me was buying 3 wigs for 80 pesos each. I thought they were a steal. My kids like to do role playing games every now and then so I thought they would like having some wigs for their dramatics.




















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