Future Home

Nearly four months ago we started building our home. I will probably give birth before we are able to move in but that’s alright. We can squeeze in one more baby in our condo for a few more months until our house is finished. It’s been such a blessing to witness God’s faithfulness on this project. Today, Edric and I went to visit the site to take some pictures. I don’t know if it is genetically wired into me to like construction materials since my dad is a real estate developer but I found so many interesting things to photograph!
DSC06483 DSC06484 DSC06486 DSC06488 DSC06489 DSC06491 DSC06494 DSC06500 DSC06501 DSC06502 DSC06503 DSC06506

DSC06520 DSC06521 DSC06523 DSC06524 DSC06536
DSC06543 DSC06547 DSC06549
DSC06561 DSC06564 DSC06566

DSC06575 DSC06577 DSC06578

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